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Vibin’ In Peace Entertainment originated in 2019 in Greensboro, NC.  A professional Caribbean event planning and production company.  We support the Reggae artists by providing compensated opportunities and by offering a way for their TRUE message to come to light keeping the “Ska” and “rock steady” alive. 

Our goal is to grow a stronger supporting community so we can keep the love of roots Reggae alive in as many homes as possible. Bringing peace to lives through music.

We choose Roots Reggae because of its principles and mindsets. Roots Reggae music stimulates energetic vibrations and healing through connection. Our festival creates safe, judgment free, and creative spaces.  We offer individuals an environment to collaborate and engage more positive and freely without competition.  Our events are motivated by the outreach and engagements held within the community and the local businesses. 

Roots Reggae music is healing to the mind, body, and soul. Positive music that inspires many walks of life.  As event professionals we can work with your team as a project manager, or we can be the production team that creates your special Caribbean themed events. Click on EVENTS to be “Edified by the Vibe”!

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  1. Dj.yardie/bigs

    Peace and Love.even those I was not there at club Nile I can feel the positive vibes y’all had

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